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Terms and Conditions:

NOTE: Subject to change upon pre-approval of loan application with financing institution. it must be noted that buyer should be informed about the monthly amortization with pag-IBIG fund and monthly equity payment. thus the buyer must be conditioned and informed to cover for the two (2) monthly obligation and must ensure buyer's capacity to pay.

The client should agree and understand that they should pay all amounts stated in the contract on or before its due date without need of demand from the SELLER. Failure or refusal of the BUYER to pay shall be ground for cancellation of this contract and the SELLER shall have the right to cancel the contract and forfeit all payments made by the BUYER as and by way of liquidated damages.

The client should agree that Rent To Own PH, Inc., shall have the right automatically cancel the reservation without further notice and forfeit as liquidated damages on the reservation fees and whatever payments made in the event of any of the following:

Failure to pay of any installment of the Downpayment/ misc. Expenses/Equity.

Failure to submit the complete loan requirements within thirty (30) days from the day of reservation.

Failure to pay monthly amortization

Withdrawal from the agreement/contract for any reason/s whatsoever.

Failure to submit any document/s relative to the purchase of the house and lots as required.

In case of purchase through financing from the Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF) or any other applicable lending program/ institution. The Client must submit all the required documents for the processing of their housing loan upon reservation. In cases where additional information or documents may be required, the Client must agree to submit these documents within fifteen (15) days from notice to submit, otherwise the reservation for the residential unit shall become null and void and will cancel the reservation agreement without any need of further notice and forfeit all partial payments made.

It is also understood that the company is not responsible for the delay of the MERALCO in the connection of electrical service facilities provided an application thereof had been made and that the corresponding fee or deposit had already been paid by the Seller. The client has also amenable to have a temporary power line in their residential unit with one mother meter from MERALCO and pay the pro-rata electrical consumption until such time that MERALCO is able to takeover the distribution system.

In case there is any discrepancy as to the actual size of the lot area of my reserved unit, due to errors or for other reasons, The Client is amenable to get a price reduction where it is found to be smaller or to pay the corresponding additional amount should the lot area be larger. The Client should agree and understand to make the payment within seven (7) days from receipt of notice from the Company.

The client should agree and understand that the computation of their amortization beginning of the year shall be based on the prevailing interest rate of the bank.

The Client must be fully aware that the housing loan application will be filed at Pag-IBIG Fund only upon full payment of my required equity and completion of documentary requirements.